Terms and Conditions

Alas, every site has to have these and whilst they may not be fun like the rest of the site, they are important. We’ve done the best we can to make them easy to understand and they apply to everyone using our website. We may change them from time to time – changes will take effect immediately for people just visiting – for registered members we will try and give you a month’s notice of changes except where the change is needed urgently.

We’ve tried to make these rather dry terms a little easier to read by having headings but they are for navigation and are not intended to affect the meaning of the clause it relates to, so please bear this in mind when you are reading these clauses.

Terms and Conditions

Who is Gingerbeer?
Gingerbeer is the trading name of Gingerbeer Lesbian Guide Limited (Company No. 08057888 Registered in England and Wales ) which is the owner of the Gingerbeer website.

Rights in the Gingerbeer website
All rights in the content of our website (Gingerbeer.co.uk and all subdomains) belong to us or third parties and you are allowed to print it off for personal use only. Otherwise, we reserve all rights in the website.

Linking to our website
We’re usually delighted when people want to link to our website. We only ask that you check with us first before doing so and we may in rare cases ask you not to.

Links to other websites
Given the nature of Gingerbeer, our website links to many other websites. We have no control over those websites and we are not large enough to be able to vet companies we link to so we’re sorry but we can’t accept responsibility for whatever happens when you use those websites or the services or goods of the website owners. Nor can we get involved in any disputes between you and third parties, though if you care to tell us a little about it please let us know as we are always interested in anything that may help our visitors/members in future. If so, please use our contact us form.

Responsible behaviour on our website
Whether you are listing an event, goods or services, using our chat rooms or message board or using our site in any other way, we ask you to be responsible for what you say. That means making sure that you act appropriately (more on that below) and also that you put your money where your mouth is and agree to pay us in full for any costs or liabilities we incur in defending ourselves against claims or potential claims by third parties and in taking action to enforce our rights.

Acting responsibly means making sure that you don’t do anything which may damage our reputation or our ability to bring you the benefits of this website. In particular, we ask you not to do or post anything that may be illegal or unlawful, insulting, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, stalking, in breach of anyone else’s rights – we are under no duty to but reserve the right to edit or withdraw any material we (in our opinion and without justification) think may be in breach of these terms or their spirit.

Username and password
If you register with us as a member (which you need to do to enjoy certain parts of the website such as using the chat facility or posting things on the message board), you are responsible for keeping your password safe and confidential – unfortunately, we hope you understand that we have no way of knowing who is behind the username once the password has been shared and so we hold you responsible for all use and misuse of your account.

Behind the mask!
Remember that online people may not be who they say they are or as they seem to be – anything from people with bad intentions to men pretending to be women. Gingerbeer is for people who are female or female identified. If we suspect you are not in this category we reserve the right to terminate your use of the messageboards and chatroom . Also, it is common for people to take risks when meeting people they meet online. We urge your strongly not to do so and to take reasonable precautions to protect yourself – whilst clearly we are not responsible for anything that happens, we want our users and members to be happy, safe and enjoy their experiences from using our website so we urge you to respect yourself and others by taking suitable precautions such as meeting in a public place and also telling someone who you are meeting and where and leaving ongoing contact information if you later decide to go somewhere private. These suggestions are not intended to be an exhaustive list of the precautions you should take.

Protecting us, protecting you!
Part of our responsibility to you is to take reasonable steps to ensure you are not affected by any devices that may interfere with the use of your computer in any way. We do this by having all material we upload passed through an up-to-date virus detection and prevention software programme. However, no programme of this nature can be 100% effective, so we do not accept responsibility for any losses you incur as a result of such a device that you may encounter on our website. We strongly urge you (a) to keep regular full systems and data backups to allow you to rebuild your system in the unlikely event of an attack and (b) to make sure you have an up-to-date virus detection and protection software programme on all computers that could be affected by such a device if one were to get through.

Nature of our content
Besides our listings we maintain articles and other information that we hope you find useful and enjoyable. This information is general and we therefore hope you appreciate that it is therefore not to be taken as advice, so any loss you incur as a result of relying on any information on our site is not something we will compensate you for. This clause limits our liability to you – for the avoidance of doubt, please note that no exclusion of liability on our part is intended to exclude our liability for death and personal injury arising from the negligence of Gingerbeer and its employees.

Accuracy of our content (especially in the calendar, events and other listings)
People sending us advertisements and listings send to us in their required format so we are not responsible for or involved in the creation of listings and advertisements. Therefore, if anything is inaccurate or misleading we are not responsible to you for it even though it is on our website – it is a matter for you and the relevant goods or service provider. However, as we have said above, if you care to tell us a little about it please let us know as we are always interested in anything that may help our visitors/members in future. If so, please use our contact us form.

Practically speaking, please make sure you verify events with the venue before setting out or incurring any expenses in going to an event.

Privacy – use of your personal data
Your privacy is important to us – please make sure you are aware of our privacy policy.

We are committed that you will be very pleased with our website but in the unlikely event that you are in any way unhappy with our website or have suggestions for its improvement, we are always keen to hear about it so we can hopefully resolve the matter or at least learn from the experience, so please use our contact us form.

Formal notices should be served on us via the email form or where you can ask for a physical address.

Law & jurisdiction
Our terms are governed by and will be interpreted according to English law and in the unlikely event of a dispute we ask that we attempt to resolve the matter first through open discussion, then, if necessary, through mediation and as a last resort through the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts of law.

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