Your not-so-little little pink book – all the websites and numbers you’ll need when you’re looking for a hairdresser, a therapist, a sports club, a girlfriend, or somewhere to go tonight. You’ll never dial 118 again! 

Sort each page by area, day of the week or name to find exactly what you're looking for.

CalendarBars & Clubs
Over 70 of our favourite places for a good night out, covering women-only, mainly lesbian and the best mixed venues, from the Soho scene to your local gay boozer.
CalendarCommunity Groups
Groups, projects, support and campaigning organisations. Whatever your needs or interests, we think you’ll find a group here that’s right for you. For socialising, see Dating and Socialising.
CalendarCulture & Entertainment
You don’t have to be high-brow to enjoy these arts venues, cinema, media, museums and websites in London and worldwide, that are either lesbian/gay specific or lesbian-friendly.
CalendarDating & Social Groups
Whether you're into dykes on bikes, champagne dining, or you’re looking for the perfect date, you’ve come to the right place! See Community groups for organisations offering support or information.
CalendarHealth & Fitness
Anyone for kitesurfing? Sports clubs and health services from martial arts to Turkish baths, to help you get into shape and meet other fit women!
CalendarTravel & Accommodation
Plan your dream holiday with travel companies and accommodation both in the UK and abroad - either lesbian/gay specific or lesbian-friendly.
CalendarShops & Services
Online and offline shops and services, from wedding photographers to cat sitters to sex toy retailers.
CalendarUseful Information
Groups and websites offering more information than you ever thought you’d need, including lesbian and gay online directories, search engines and everything you ever wanted to know about the clitoris!

If your favourite place isn't listed here, or if you know of an organisation, group or website that you think should be included, please tell us about it using the Contact form. You can also use this to update or amend any listings information.


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