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News Stories
02nd April 2015
Gay marriage responsible for UK bad weather according to Christian People's Alliance LeaderIn an interview on the BBC's Daily Politics Programme, head of Christian People's Alliance Sid Cordle advised that "it is not 100% certain that gay marriage caused the recent flooding in England but it is pretty likely". Cordle, who believes the UK would benefit living under a "Christian People's Alliance Government", warned of gay marriage causing the flooding recently found throughout the UK. Amy
Published: 16th May 2014
Lesbian church worker forced to resign when outedColleen Simon, previously head of distribution of food to the hungry for St. Francis Xavier Church in Kansas recently found herself disbanded from the role when congregation learnt of marriage to wife Donna. Amy
Published: 15th May 2014
Lesbian attacked after Gay Pride event in South AfricaLesbian teenager is sexually attacked after Gay Pride event in South Africa, and it is assumed the attack was driven by her sexuality. She managed to find help and return to the crime scene where a man has been arrested. South Africa have had a string of sexual incidences and murders related to lesbian women over recent years, causing outcry from citizens to seek a solution to the crisis. Amy
Published: 15th May 2014
Rally Planned for Imprisoned 16-Year-Old Trans GirlA transgender girl in Conneticut was removed from Department of Children and Families' custody and placed into an adult correctional facility, even though she is yet to be charged with any crime. Rallies have been planned to take place simultaneously in both New York and Conneticut by supporters to lobby for her release from prison. Amy
Published: 26th April 2014
Three polyamorous lesbians expecting first child togetherThree woman from Massachusetts in the US have announced they are planning to have a child together, and claim to be the first lesbian throuple to ever have a baby. Although married in a ceremony last year, their union is not recognised by the state. Amy
Published: 26th April 2014
Petition for lesbian asylum seeker to stay in UK reaches high number of signaturesThis petition, signed by over 165,000 people, addresses Home Secretary Theresa May to stop the deportation of Aderonke back to Nigeria where she will face the death sentence due to Nigerian laws regarding homosexuality. Amy
Published: 26th April 2014
A burial ground for lesbians in BerlinBerlin now has its first lesbian burial ground, launched by a German organization for older lesbians, to remember the dead and celebrate living lesbians. Not every gay woman wants to be buried there, though.
Published: 22nd April 2014

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